Few things you need to know before you start!

How trial works:

  • You are signing up for trial and you can access all features without any restrictions.
  • Once we launch the product, your account will be converted to a trial account.
  • Trial will be applicable for 14 days after which you can decide to buy or unsubscribe from the product.

What happens when you sign up?

  • You will be using your email to sign up.
  • You will then be requested to login using your Office 365 admin credentials.
  • You would be requested to authorize "Watchdog365" app once you login. This has to be done with a tenant administrator credentials.
  • We access your tenant details only through this app & the permission you assign through this app.
  • A security group named "Watchdog365Owners" will be created in your tenant. Members of this group can only access Watchdog365 portal and hence you are requested not to delete it.
  • At any time if you wish to remove the authorisation to our app, you can do so in your Azure Portal as per the instructions here.

If you wish to see how the app works before trying for your own Office 365 tenant, check out live demo.

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